GYROTONIC® Final Certification


The apprentice instructor must present the completed apprentice log sheet on the first day of the course. The apprentice log sheet must display the final signature of the supervising master trainer.


The apprentice instructor must physically demonstrate and teach all exercises from the level 1 foundation course manual. The student must be able to apply the appropriate verbal and visual cues as well as physical guidance to a moving person as taught in the foundation course. A level 1 certificate will be issued only upon successful completion of the certification course.

  • Dates Offered

    Melbourne  - April 24 - April 26, 2020 

    This course will be taught by Specialized Master Trainer Rita Renha

     Rita Renha, PT and GYROTONIC® Specialized International Master Trainer

    Rita Renha has been a certified instructor of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, GYROKINESIS® and all the GYROTONIC® specialized equipment in the United States since 1991. She has taught at White Cloud Studios NYC under founder and creator, Juliu Horvath, who appointed her one of his first generation of Master Trainers. Rita has since been participating in the development of Gyrotonic and its application to physical therapy (prevention and rehabilitation), fitness, health and wellness. She has taught Gyrokinesis classes at Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Steps on Broadway, the Actor’s Studio Masters Program at New School, and the National Dance Institute. In 2000 Rita returned to Brazil, her home country, to promote and represent the Gyrotonic Method and its educational program in South America. She opened the Rita Renha Wellness Center in Rio de Janeiro, developing groundbreaking work for singers, actors and dancers to improve their performance skills and prevent injuries, and founded the GYROTONIC® Institute Brazil. In 2006, Rita was elected a Master Trainer authorized to conduct the GYROTONIC® Level 1 final Certification Course. She introduced Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic methods to the scientific community at the First International Congress of Posture 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, and was invited back to its third edition in Vitoria in 2013, as a member of the Scientific Commission, to evaluate the scientific works presented and teach a Gyrotonic workshop. In 2010, Rita wrote a chapter about the Gyrotonic Method for In Full Body, Somatic Education, Movement and Health - 2nd Edition. 

    Rita graduated from the Dance School of The Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro and has been a dance teacher, movement educator, and professional dancer/singer for over 25 years in the USA, Europe, Japan and Brazil. Rita considers herself a functional therapist with a Physical therapy degree from the University Methodist Bennett, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Rita has taught and treated people from all walks of life and has been privileged to educate new generations of teachers and Master Trainers worldwide. Based on her last fifteen years of teacher trainings and her clinical observations, she has developed a Specialized Course; “GYROTONIC® Principles Applied to Dynamic Trunk Stabilization”, that has become part of the Gyrotonic Continuing Educational Program. The intention, she says; “Is to lead you to your deepest experience of the Method’s unique and masterful approach to “rethink” the body. Not a bi-dimensional body, but rather a tridimensional one, a body that functions organically, that moves from within!”

  • Location

    GYROTONIC® Melbourne

    Studio A 2 Percy Street

    Prahran, VIC 3181


  • Cost

    Studio fee to cover traveling master trainer's expenses and studio costs will be $350.00 AUD. This will be required to be paid ASAP to reserve your spot in the training. There will be only 12 spaces available in this course, please see payment details on the registration form for the certification course.

    Course fee payable to Rita Renha on the first day of the course will be $350.00 USD in cash.

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