The LEG EXTENSION Unit now available

The LEG EXTENSION Unit is available at GYROTONIC® Melbourne


Another great addition to our GYROTONIC® services offered at GYROTONIC® Melbourne Energy Kinetics Studio is the Leg Extension Unit.  GYROTONIC® Melbourne Energy Kinetics Studio was the first studio to have a Leg Extension Unit in Australia. The Leg Extension Unit is primarily used to strengthen the legs, however by incorporating into the exercises elements of spinal mobilization that  GYROTONIC® methodology is known  for, gives the result of total body movement. Juliu Horvath designed the Leg Extension Unit so that as one performs the exercises and flexes the quadriceps on the apparatus the mechanism allows the leg to naturally move outward, away from the body, thus providing a gentle, fluid environment in which the leg can move. The leg extension unit is designed as all of the GYROTONIC® method equipment to provide joint articulation without compression, the goal being to distribute the work evenly between agonist and antagonist muscle groups. The Leg Extension Unit is considered effective for knee, foot and ankle therapy.

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