GYROTONIC® Foundation Training

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Prerequisite: Signed GYROTONIC® pretraining qualification agreement.

This course introduces the teaching techniques and principals underlying the exercises taught on the Pulley-Tower Combination Unit. Students learn in supervised groups taking the role of student and teacher alternately to facilitate the learning process.

The methodology is taught through use of verbal and visual instruction as well as physical guidance. Emphasis is placed on synchronizing breathing patterns with the corresponding movement. Specific attention will be paid to the “hands on applications” of the student to a moving person. Participants learn to prepare individual GYROTONIC® exercise programs.

A certificate of apprenticeship signed by Juliu Horvath only, will be issued upon SUCCESSFUL completion of the course allowing Students to begin teaching.

  • Dates Offered


    This course will be run over 13 days with one day off.

    Please note this course can be used as well as supervised apprentice hours, please contact for information and costs.

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  • Location

    GYROTONIC® Melbourne

    Studio A 2 Percy Street

    Prahran, VIC 3181

  • Cost

    Course fee including studio fee


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