GYROTONIC® based in Prahran Melbourne, is the only Australian studio solely equipped and focused on practicing and training of the GYROTONIC® method.

This rewarding and inspirational exercise method is recommended for amateur fitness enthusiasts, professional dancers and athletes, rehabilitation patients and teachers wishing to maximize their overall physical capacity and ability.

GYROTONIC® training has become increasingly popular overseas and can be found in five-star hotels, luxury resorts and destination spas around the world including the Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing China, Chivasom International Health Resort in Hua Hin Thailand and the Canyon Ranch Resorts in USA.

Dana Rader, the pioneer of Juliu Horvath’s method in Australia and the owner/operator of GYROTONIC® Melbourne at Energy Kinetics®, is a Specialized International Master Trainer in GYROTONIC® level 1 and level 2, the GYROKENESIS® method, GYROTONER®, Leg extension Unit, and Jumping Stretching board, and has the only fully-equipped training studio in Australia/New Zealand.


GYROTONIC® training was designed by ex-Hungarian dancer Juliu Horvath and challenges your body to move in new ways. Rather than the linear movement of Pilates, the GYROTONIC® method creates circular motions which incorporate an entire body movement. The continuous circular and rhythmical movements gently undulate the spine, lengthen muscles and creates space in the joints improving spinal flexibility, circulation and joint constriction.

The GYROTONIC® method combines elements from dance, gym, yoga, swimming and tai chi so that it not only promotes flexibility and coordination but also works in an organic way to strengthen the mind and body from the inside out. When Juliu was creating the method he listened to what his body was feeling internally and built the movements around this. He believes if we listen to our bodies and ‘participate intelligently’ we all have an energy within us. Thus the continuous circular and rhythmical movements of the method reflect the cycle within our own bodies. The circular motions revitalize the body, release blockages and stimulate the nervous system. The training therefore not only makes your body look better, it actually creates an overall feeling of well-being.

GYROTONIC® training is carefully choreographed and an experienced instructor supervises your work out. The training is conducted on European crafted equipment that forms a virtual playground: elegant wood pulley towers, rotating handle units, as well as jumping boards that simulate running and leaping motions without the impact.

Sessions are usually one-on-one or duets with an instructor.

GYROTONIC® training is particularly helpful for professional dancers and athletes as the extensions are good for the spine and improve overall movement. The method helps to create the optimal lean body for dancers. Golfers in particular have found the training improves flexibility and therefore their swing, while their overall game is enhanced through better tempo, rhythm and flow. GYROTONIC® training has multiple exercises for every part of the golf swing.

Through training in the method and the use of the pulley tower combination unit in conjunction with the GYROTONER®, Leg Extension Unit and Jumping Stretching Board, clients can significantly enhance their total body performance.


GYROKINESIS® methodology is the essence of the GYROTONIC® Method and provides the foundation for the equipment work without the use of the equipment.

Energy Kinetics studio offers both the 60 minute and 90 minute GYROKINESIS® group classes as well as specialized group classes that are choreographed to orchestrated music.

GYROKINESIS® method classes allow one to work on the entire body through the natural elements of spinal movement; arching (extension), curling (flexion), side arching (lateral flexion), and spiralling (rotation), as well as all other joint articulation.

It is a complete workout performed on stools and floor work on mats. It begins by working through the natural elements of spinal movement sitting on a stool, then progresses to floor work; connecting the upper and lower body, hip mobilization, a back extension series, and finishes on the floor with an abdominal series. The class comes to a conclusion with an unwinding series of exercises designed to reconnect back to your ‘seed centre’ and re-balance your energy.

GYROKINESIS® method classes are scheduled throughout the year. Please click on the “News” tab for current classes, or e-mail the studio to request dates and times.


The GYROTONER® is an exciting addition to our GYROTONIC® exercise facilities.  A versatile piece of equipment, it can be used sitting or standing, can be adjusted to all body sizes, and is great for both shoulder and hip mobility.  It is used for sports specific training as well as rehabilitation and is extremely effective in relieving upper body tension.


The Jumping-Stretching Board is available at GYROTONIC® Melbourne. This is an amazing piece of equipment, it simulates running, leaping and dancing motions without the impact. The track can be raised on an incline so that the lower limbs can be trained in the anatomical position. This incline position simulates normal load  although removing the effects of gravity, which make it ideal for rehabilitation of lower limb injuries. In addition a pulley system was added so that one can add slight resistance while performing various exercises.

The design has railings which are extremely helpful when working on balance training. These rails are also completely removable for other exercises.

The Jumping Stretching Board has applications for everyone, with specific applications for dancers and runners, it is a fun and challenging addition to our virtual playground.


The Leg Extension equipment is designed to strengthen the legs, including the hip knee and ankle joints,  by incorporating the principles of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®  training to focus on strength, flexibility and total body integration. Traditional leg extension exercise equipment designed to strengthen legs, moves the leg only in a simple back and forth motion. Juliu Horvath however has designed his Leg Extension unit so that the leg moves naturally outward and away from the body, thus providing a more gentle, fluid environment for the knee joint.

The LEU choreographed repertoire encompasses the entire body by enabling the user to perform movements combining lower body strength with upper body flexibility.


GYROTONIC® Melbourne at Energy Kinetics®, is the only studio in Australia to offer instructor training in GYROTONIC® Level 1 and Level 2, the GYROKINESIS® method, GYROTONER® Leg Extension, Jumping Stretching Board, as well as specialized courses in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise which are choreographed to  orchestrated music.

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® method level 1 Instructor Training involve a four step process from pre-training through apprenticeship to final certification.

Please refer to the “Instructor Training” tab of this website for further dates and details regarding training programs. For a complete training curriculum please contact Dana Rader at dana@energykinetics.com.au.