Michelle Fleming

Attended: GYROKINESIS® method pretraining and foundation training

Instructor: Dana Rader

Dana provided training of the highest standard during my two courses. She presented the material in a way that was challenging but not overwhelming, making the methodology engaging as well as comprehensible. As a result I can feel the positive changes in my own body and hope to build on what I have learned so far to help and teach others the GYROKINESIS® method.
I would recommend Dana as she is a very inspiring teacher and has a deep knowledge of the methodology which she shares generously: showing respect, empathy and patience to her students.

Julie Longden

Attended: GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Method classes as well as GYROTONIC® level 1 pretraining

Instructor: Dana Rader

I have been attending Dana’s studio since I fractured my left leg 8 years ago. I knew absolutely nothing about GYROTONIC® method when I started, nor did I have a a ballet or dance background, and was not a devotee of the “gym”. However right from the start I knew that this was for me.
Dana is an EXCELLENT trainer and passionate about her work;  she understands quickly how you work with your body and what language is necessary to use for you to understand what you are required to do in each exercise.

The GYROTONIC® method has given me an in depth understanding of my body, has strengthened my core, has allowed me to “revisit” the gym and really understand what is required of the body. I would highly recommend GYROTONIC® exercise for EVERYONE because through working and improving core strength and mobility the benefits flow on to all aspects of your life.

Wendy Brindley

Attended: GYROKINESIS® Foundation Training

Instructor: Dana Rader

I recently experienced the GYROTONIC® Foundation Training with Dana at GYROTONIC® Melbourne Studio. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience – with Dana’s expert tuition I was able to move my body in ways that it does not normally move! I gained an in depth understanding of the GYROKINESIS® method and improved my strength, posture and stability.

I would highly recommend GYROTONIC® Melbourne for improving strength and fitness and rehabilitation after injury.

Dianne Denneman

Attended: Weekly GYROTONIC® sessions

Instructor: Jodie McGuinnes

GYROTONIC® exercise helps me with my core stability and posture. I am much more aware of my posture at work and how my shoulders hunch if I do not sit properly. I feel like I have been stretched after a session and I feel lighter when moving.

I highly recommend this. I am now aware of muscles I did not know existed. I know which muscles in my back and shoulders to use to sit up and stand straight and I am much more aware of my stomach muscles. My balance and flexibility has improved.

Carmen Sterland

Attended: GYROTONIC®

Instructor: Dana Rader

I discovered Dana and her work at GYROTONIC® Melbourne at Energy Kinetics® Studio, two years ago. I have been involved intimately with exercise physiology my entire working life as a professional dancer and more recently as the owner and clinician of Pure Balance Pilates and Yoga, in Northern NSW. I have always been passionate about improving my own body awareness and inspiring those around me to do the same. I have found the GYROKINESIS® and GYROKINESIS® method helps me to expand that awareness, creates a new found freedom in my body and efficiency in the way I move. Finally I have found a system that connects my physical body with my energetic body so profoundly, that I feel and look younger.

Dana’s expertise and knowledge of the work is immense and I find her detailed instruction invaluable. As a gifted mentor in her field, and a true ambassador of this amazing system, I am eternally grateful for her studio and continued contributions to the method as an International Specialized Master Trainer.

Jan Andrews

Attended: GYROTONIC® Level 2 Format 2 Pretraining

Instructor:  Dana Rader

I have attended numerous private sessions and teacher trainings with Dana at Energy Kinetics also Sydney, Byron Bay and Brisbane over the last 5 years. I love Dana’s approach to teaching, she has an enjoyable rhythmic flow whilst moving through the series of exercises in the GYROTONIC® method. There is a deeper sense of understanding of where my energy is flowing attending training with Dana. Ways to create changes in my posture and structural positioning with hands on techniques are addressed with her keen eye of observing my movements from my postural restrictions. I had an accident with injuring my lower back and learning the GYROTONIC® method with Dana and now teaching the GYROTONIC® method has greatly improved my quality of life.

Bernadette Wyer

Attended: GYROTONIC®

Instructor: Dana Rader

When I first came to Dana I was in my 40s a medium to long distance runner who had done no stretching or body maintenance before. Plus I have some curvature of the spine (scoliosis) of which I was unaware. The number of things that I couldn’t do with my body amazes me, simple things like lying on my stomach and not being able to put the tops of my feet on the floor, or being able to reach my arms above my head without seeing stars.

Over the years Dana has been able to move my body into positions that I would not thought possible, not all of them pleasant feeling however challenging and rewarding. My body is very stiff and my neural system is tight so together we work on finding ways to make me move better in everyday life. I measure taller, as we have worked on my spine elongation.

I love the GYROTONIC® method, as it is as mentally challenging as it can be physically, however saying that there is no strain or pressure put onto the body that would cause injury. It is a process of developing your skills and techniques. There is loads of different equipment to keep things varied and I always walk away feeling that I’ve done something really good for my body and mind.

Amanda Greene Wilkinson

Attended: GYROTONIC® Level 2 Program 1 & 2 Pre-Training; GYROTONIC® Level 2 Program 1 Foundation; GYROKINESIS®, Pre-Training; GYROKINESIS®, Foundation; GYROKINESIS®, Supervised Apprentice Hours All with Master Trainer Dana Rader

Instructor: Dana Rader

I have been a client of Dana’s for 12 years, passed through 3 studios and endless hours of hard work.

Training with Dana over the past few years has been a really positive experience which has improved and matured me as both a trainer and a client. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of the human body and movement, is dedicated to her craft and has an innate ability to know what you’re capable of and to take you there, even when you don’t think you can. Her positive energy and sense of humour gets us through the tougher portions of training. I always appreciate her honesty and constructive feedback because it helps me become a better instructor and gives me a deeper understanding of the methodology and workings of the body on all levels.

I’ve seen her work with other clients and how much she has helped them in their path to wellness and also this real sense of family/community she has created within her studio over the past 10+ years is simply inspiring!

I have recommended my family, friends and colleagues to Dana over the years because I trust her 100% to help them with their health issues and goals, whatever they may be, from rehabilitative needs all the way through high level athletes. She listens to each client and student and makes herself available to them. She is honest and open with them and careful to meet their needs. She offers a true holistic service and has a wide network in the health industry to refer out to when her clients want or need any extra treatments to complement their trainings that they do in the studio. I always recommend Dana for her trainings, to my colleagues worldwide. She is an excellent trainer who teaches clearly and effectively, methodically and offers a positive and supportive learning atmosphere.

The other trainers in the studio have all been trained by Dana herself, ensuring that the quality of classes in her studio remains at a high standard.

There is no other trainer or studio I would recommend in Melbourne for the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods and exercise physiology!


Attended: GYROTONIC® Training

Instructor: Elynn Dang

I have been doing GYROTONIC® exercise for one year. This training benefits me in terms of my posture, flexibility, muscle tone and my spine.

I have found that GYROTONIC® exercise improves our posture, flexibility of our physical movements, stretching and toning of our muscles, and enables us to lengthen the whole spine from top to bottom.

The entire exercise system makes our bodies look leaner, healthier and have more energy.


Attended: GYROTONIC® 1:1 Session

Instructor: Dana Rader

After having a half knee replacement 22nd of April 2014 my recovery seemed to be slow and going nowhere.

I was introduced to theGYROTONIC® exercise method by a family friend – I have since been attending training with Dana and have experienced amazing results. I feel stronger than ever, and I feel my posture is improving. I love the exercise movements as well as doing ‘my homework’ as I call it to keep improving !

Why do I continue with this exercise? It is quite simple!

I am rediscovering the body movement I had as a child, my knee has less stiffness and I feel each class progressively improves this.

I love Mondays because I love my GYROTONIC® exercise session!

Daniel Calleja

Attended: GYROTONIC® sessions / Exercise Physiology

Instructor: Dana Rader

I came to Energy Kinetics Studio after witnessing severe back pain and sciatica, this was an injury associated with my severe scoliosis. Dana gave me a complete program that was dedicated to my injury and long term disability. As soon as I started my new program and weekly appointments at the studio, my pain decreased and my core strengthened. I never thought I’d be able to do a normal gym workout ever again, and only after 4 months I’m back at the gym, and feeling so much better.

GYROTONIC® exercise is great for anyone, the advantages you will find for your body are substantial, you just have to give it a go to feel the difference!

Rodney Goldbloom

Attended: GYROTONIC® 1:1 Session

Instructor: Elynn Dang

The GYROTONIC® method is good for rehabilitation of injuries. I have been able to maintain my debilitating knee due to osteoarthritis and injured back through this exercise method.

My trainer is very detailed and focused on every facet of the movement making sure every part of my body achieves maximum benefit. My concentration is my core (seed centre) and knee.


Attended: GYROTONIC® Class

Instructor: Dana Rader

Dana is an excellent teacher. She is very resourceful, able to suggest different ways for each client to execute each move to improve their well being. Dana’s classes are fun and the studio is equipped with many GYROTONIC® exercise ‘contraptions’. I’m addicted to the GYROTONIC® method classes which I find therapeutic, fun, and challenging for my mind and body. I’m also learning new words: ‘the fifth line’, ‘narrow’ the pelvis, arch and curl and many more. I’m feeling more space from head to toe and my flexibility is improving.

Bernadette Parker

Attended: GYROTONIC® Foundation Training

Instructor: Dana Rader

The GYROTONIC® Instructor Foundation training was an intensive and comprehensive experience that allowed each day to build on the previous day’s work. By the end of the course I just wanted to keep going because I was learning so much and felt so good! Dana sees the details that make the big picture work. A fun and thoroughly worthwhile course!

The GYROTONIC® method of exercise has helped me address my back problems and migraine headaches. I feel taller and lighter after every session!